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PSE - Full Throttle (2014)

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PSE - Full Throttle (2014)

Custom-Order - (approx. 4-5 week delivery)

What do you do when you already make the fastest compound bow ever made?
You challenge your engineers to do the impossible and make one even faster.

For 2014 PSE not only met the challenge but they put boot to rear and blew past it at a record breaking 370fps!

Lightning speed is just one of the amazing features of the all-new Full Throttle; speed combined with a comfortable draw just goes to show that PSE are not just happy being the fastest, they give you a bow that remains easy to shoot, PSE are on a mission to do the impossible... and one shot with the new Full Throttle will have you saying "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"


Peak Weight

Draw Length

Right Hand   
Left Hand   

Custom Order: 695.00
(Inc VAT at 20%)


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