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PSE - Surge (2015)

Bowsports Catalogue > Bows > Compound Bows > PSE > PSE - Surge (2015)

PSE - Surge (2015)

• Low Stock - (some specs available from stock)

Why would PSE replace a legendary bow like the PSE Brute™? Because they stepped up and made it lighter, faster, and added the most adjustable single-cam ever! Meet the PSE Surge™! From its lightweight and incredibly stable split limb design, to its hard-hitting single-cam system, the Surge is the new standard for performance in economical bows.
When a bow like the the Surge comes along, featuring split limbs for lighter mass weight, X-Tech for speed and vibration control, a cam that allows draw lengths to be adjusted from 19.5" all the way to 30" without any extra parts, whats not to like!

Infinity Camo   
Skullworks Camo   

Peak Weight
50 lbs   
60 lbs   
70 lbs   

Draw Length
19.5 - 30"   

Right Hand   
Left Hand - Custom Order   

Price Online: £305.00
(Inc VAT at 20%)


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