Kinetic - Fury Limbs*

Kinetic - Fury Limbs*

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Kinetic Fury limbs feature a foam core and 45 degrees cross carbon that improves stability. Top quality 100% made by Win & Win.

- Features: Foam core and cross carbon

- 45 degrees carbon increases stability

- Made by Win&Win

• ILF - (International Fitting Limbs)

Limb Length & Weight based on using with a 25" Handle.
General Information

As a guide, most ILF fitting limbs are measured @ 28" amo, 26. 1/4" to the throat of the bow grip (pivot point) and used on a 25" handle. The poundage marked on the limbs is usually the lowest.

Shifting the same limbs to a 23" riser will result in a weight increase of approximately two pounds.

Another feature of most ILF fitting handles is adjustable tiller bolts, the position of these will also effect the draw weight of your limbs.

Also although limbs may fit a wide range of handles when mixing manufacturers a slight difference in riser design can effect limbs weights slightly.
Generally we will hold some stock, so if urgent please call for latest stock information - (approx. 7-10 day delivery)