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PSE - Full Throttle (2015)

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PSE - Full Throttle (2015)

• Custom-Order - (approx. 3-4 week delivery)

PSE challenged their engineers to do the impossible and make the ultimate speed bow, but they didn’t just meet that challenge, they blew past it at 370 fps ! Of course, lightning speed is just one of the amazing things about the PSE Full Throttle™; it also has a comfortable valley and deadly accuracy. It only takes one shot with the PSE Full Throttle™ to know that competitor’s bows are just too slow.

IF Camo   
Skull Works   
Black + Camo limbs   

Peak Weight
50 lbs   
60 lbs   
65 lbs   
70 lbs   

Draw Length

Right Hand   
Left Hand   

Custom Order: £695.00
(Inc VAT at 20%)


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