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Hooter Shooter

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The Hooter Shooter is a machine that will shoot the bow with perfect form, so that you can really look at the equipment, and identify whether the bow is performing to the level that you want. The Hooter Shooter so closely simulates individuals, that most people can learn to shoot like the machine with the same sight settings.

The Hooter Shooter shoots with such precision that it will place the same arrow into the exact hole at 20 yards. This allows you to really evaluate your equipment, and identify if there is a problem, and if so what it is causing it, make an adjustment, then test to see if the changes you made resolved/improved it. With the Hooter Shooter, you can offer your customer visual, undeniable proof that their bow is performing to the highest level possible.

This precision causes any changes in the bow, variations in arrows and arrow rest, variation of release, changes of heel pressure, bow orientation, and draw length to be reflected by where the arrow hits. The Hooter Shooter will shoot most 2 cam and single cam bows using most hand held releases or releases using a wrist strap. However, not the back tension type releases.

"If all your arrows won't use the same hole, then you know for sure it is not the shooter but the equipment that has a problem."

This machine is engineered to shoot a bow the way an archer should with adjustable high/low wrist, universal release holder and unique grip which emulates the human hand. Of what value is it to an archer to know absolutely, if their equipment is the cause or their shooting is the cause for missed shots. With the Hooter Shooter, you can offer your customer visual, undeniable proof that their bow is shooting an arrow in the same arrow hole repeatedly. Are all your arrows flying identically? Now you can test them with unerring accuracy. Is your bow tuned well enough to have broadheads shoot exactly like field tips? With the Hooter Shooter, you will have the tool you need to find out and tune your bow to accomplish the results you desire.
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