Select Larp Arrow - Flat Head - 32pk

Select Larp Arrow - Flat Head - 32pk

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76cm LARP Flat Head arrows with reduced range for the conservative archer.

The classic safety head with 60 mm diameter, made of 2 layers of special foam reduces the range to about 25 m.

This arrow, as simple as it may look like, is a pretty complicated technical device. Only with the interaction of the several, accurately co-ordinated components the required safety can be achieved.

Technical measures are able and have to prevent the worst in case of need, but they can never be a substitution for a reasonable and considerate behaviour.

In order to guarantee technical safety, every arrow is provided both with a manufacturer's brand and a code number, which documents the development process of every single arrow from the granulate material to the final assembly.

The arrows are longer than 28 inch! The manufacturer's brand (silver label) marks the 28-inch-tag.

Designated use and required safety measures

These arrows are intended for in-game use in Live-Action-Role-Playing (“LARP” / “LRP”). In order to avoid personal injury or property damage, the following safety measures have to be followed implicitly:

• The maximal kinetic energy of the projectile must not exceed 27 Joule. This adequates an initial velocity of not more than 28 meters per second. This energy is calculatively reached with an ideal bow, with a draw weight of 25 lbs (115 Newton) at an extraction (= difference between unbent an fully taut bow) of 21 inches (520 millimetres). Never use bows with a draw weight of more than 25 - 28 lbs @ 28”

• Always adjust the actual draw length to the shooting distance!

Never draw the bow stronger than necessary! Take care for a free shooting range if aiming at

distant targets.

• The forces evolving from the impact of a safety arrow are comparable with those of a tennis ball.

Therefore: Never shoot at sensitive or breakable objects like for example windowpanes, glass products, ceramic dishes or vehicles (cars). But also plasterboards, door blades (for example made of hard masonite-hollow plates) can suffer damage from the arrows.

• Never aim at the head or shoot at face level at a crowd of people!

• Before any shot, check the arrow for defects!

Do not shoot damaged arrows and select them out immediately, especially in case of damaged pads, shafts or fletching.

• Before every shot, examine the arrows on impurities possibly permeated into the pad head. If alterations can be felt on or inside the padding, do not shoot the arrow. Extra care has to be taken in the proximity of thorn bushes or similar debris.

• Especially during cold weather be sure that the pads are dry and most of all not frozen. If the foam plastic is soaked with water, do not use the arrows until the padding has dried completely and the foam is regularly soft again.

• Never shoot at animals! Small animals may get harmed, big animals may react dangerously!
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