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Bow fitting service

Whilst advice remains free, to maintain a physical showroom along with hours of technical advice and setting up of equipment, service charges have to be made.

With the average bow setup taking two hours, our complete bow fitting service starts from just £20.

This allows us to offer you the choice of price and service you require.

Examples of the type of services and estimated costs.

Fitting of a new recurve string and nocking point £3

Arrow selection, including draw length and draw weight check £10

Fitting of a Launcher - £10 (Drop-A-Way - £20)

Fitting and adjustment of a peep sight - £15

Fitting a new D-Loop and Peep - £20-£30

Fitting and set up of a new recurve rest and button - £10

Purchasing and use of a traditional bow or simple recurve bow - Fitting services complete - 15

Purchasing and use of an ILF recurve bow - Fitting services complete - 20.

Purchasing and use of a compound bow - Fitting services complete - 30.

BowSports 365

Did you know we offer a free complementary check up?

These services are only available via prior appointment.

With over 35 years in archery our trained technicians are here to help

Anytime between four and six weeks of purchasing a bow, we offer a free service. With this we will check your bow over and answer any questions. Approx. time 15 to 20 minutes. Simply give us a call on 01902 791891 and book your appointment at our showroom.

Didn't buy a bow from us? not to worry, here is another unique service from BowSports:-

BowSports 365 - 'school of archery'

Open to all, no need to have made any purchase with us. You are invited to bring your kit to one of our monthly sessions and we will answer any questions and check over your kit. Click here to book your session

Workshop Servicing

Below is our price list for frequent servicing jobs/repairs we do in our workshops. Can't see what you're looking for?

Give us a call on 01902 791891 and we will gladly quote for the work you want and book you in.

Our labour charges are £30 per hour.

Compound Servicing-

Bow Service, Cam Timing, Draw Weight Check & Adjust, Paper Tuning

Recurve Servicing-

Tiller/Limb Alignment, Bare Shaft Tuning

General Services-

Arrow Build - £2 per arrow

Shafts cut - £0.50 per cut

Arrows shortened - Remove points, cut and refit - £3 per arrow.